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About us

All Iron Hostel

Presentation All Iron Hostel Bilbao

About us

Welcome to our home. For travelers and pilgrims, wanderers and nomads, passengers and tourists, the lonely, couples and gangs, athletes and gastronomic, cultural and holidays, labor and idle, young and mature, grandchildren and grandparents, those here and there, but especially for those who apart from spending the night in a cozy space, want to know a little. Welcome to our home.

We are in the old historic hill Artagan of the porch of Begoña (annexed to Bilbao in 1925), former place of fields of vineyards and txakolis, place of battle of the Carlistadas, next to the emblematic Basilica of Begoña (Patroness of Bizkaia) in the north primitive way of Santiago, overlooking the Casco Viejo and ultimately viewpoint over Bilbao and its mountains. “

We try to make your stay, a small experience that is more than just sleep. We want to show you, show you our wonderful places and landscapes and also you can have your feelings more people like you. We want to fall in love. Only you have to leave.

ALL IRON HOSTEL is “a tribute to the boom years expanding what is now the Great Bilbao”.
In the late nineteenth century an English company which performed the exploitation of iron in the Basque town of Ortuella, in which the miners were paid depending on the purity of the iron extracted when this happened the English gang boss hung a sign on the door of the mine saying all iron. This meant that the pay was double and miners shouted in unison: “alirón, alirón!” And then says as charged more and had reason to celebrate. “It’s a nod to the feeling of euphoria and celebration among workers untying these two words, people who worked long hours under often precarious and meager salaries.”

Nuestra casa se tocará, verá, olerá, oirá y sentirá. En esto estará nuestro reto.
Te esperamos.

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