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Article 1.-

The purpose of this regulation is the regulation of the conditions of use and operation of urban Hostel “All Iron Hostel”

Article 2.-

The hostel is an equipment intended for accommodation and subsistence hostellers.

Housing conditions:

Article 3

  1. The use of hostel services and agencies shall be subject to payment of the applicable tariffs approved by the hostel management.

different rates of public prices will be established based on the (low, high and extra) season and / or weekends. These rates were applied to the basic service of accommodation, including breakfast.

The full board or half board (lunch or dinner) will only be offered, upon request. Users have free access to the kitchen.

  1. Individuals requesting accommodations must be of legal age or if they are minors (18 years) must have proper authorization.
  2. The school groups, university students, youth associations or similar, may request accommodations under the responsibility and guidance of adults and prior compliance with the conditions of admission.

Article 4

The allocation of seats and bedrooms will be made taking into account the best organization, distribution and use of property for the greatest number of people using taking into account the availability of the facility at the discretion of the hostel management.

Article 5:

In the hostel is no smoking inside their premises, consumption of alcohol and / or narcotics and entry of animals will not be allowed, except guide dogs under the responsibility of the owner.

Reservation Request

Article 6

  1. The booking conditions will to availability and compliance with the administrative conditions for the internal use of the hostel.
  2. The application for stay shall be in writing via the Internet, via e-mail, telephone, fax or directly at the hostel.
  3. All reservations will be formalized once you respond favorably in writing by the Department of Reception

Article 7

  1. The payment of the advance, as referred to in Art. 13, shall be made within a maximum period of 5 calendar days from the formalization of the reservation. Failure to do so, it will lose its effectiveness and can be overruled by the hostel management for all purposes and without any right to compensation.

In the case of booking made less than five days later, should make that payment at most 24 h. following.

  1. At the time of the presentation of the group (in the case of group accommodation) in the establishment, the person responsible will be identified as such with the hostel management, will present proof of reservation, confirm the number of people using , will deliver the same nominal ratio of specifying who are monitors / as, teachers / as or managers / as similar tasks, and report any modification or special group.
  2. The applicants people stay no reservation will be accepted provided there are places available and after meeting the administrative requirements.
  3. In the event that the reservation requests incorporate special diets, cases of food allergies, etc., you must present a personal medical report certifying that fact.

Payments and Cancellations

Article 8

The users paid an advance upon signing the contract 25% for reservation and payment is estimated to account the total amount of contracted services in the amount established by the hostel management.

The hostel will not acquire any commitment until the payment of the downpayment, so it does not produce the printed booking is valid only when accompanied by proof of payment.

Payment of the remaining amount of the stay will be made at the time of check discounting the anticipated amount to account.

Concluded the stay, it will proceed to liquidate the rest of all the services used and the possible damage that had occurred by the misuse of facilities.

The bill collect disaggregated way all the concepts that compose it.

The hostel is obliged to inform the wearer, before conclusion of the contract, on the cancellation clauses.

The cancellation made by the wearer within 5 days prior to arrival date results in the following penalties, unless otherwise agreed:

The above penalties do not apply when the cancellation occurs due to force majeure, duly accredited, unless occur the same day of commencement of service would proceed to charge one night stay per customer.

The user has the right to cancel the confirmed reservation, without penalty, provided it is done within 5 days prior to arrival date, unless otherwise agreed.

Article 9

The current Economic System Regulations establish public prices, liquidations based on the services actually provided, and, if necessary, returns. The use or stay on the premises after hours agreed in the contract, lead to the application of public money collected under the name: “use of facilities outside the agreed schedule.”

General rules of coexistence

Article 10

 The hostellers have a respectful staff and other customers becoming accountable behavior. The client disclaims any liability for their actions to the holder and responsible for the hostel.

 Respect other people sleep at night.

 Avoid altercations.

 Follow the relevant instructions received from the staff responsible for enforcing this legislation Internal Regime.

 Before any discomfort or disrespectful act caused to customers or staff of the hostel is reserved the right of admission.

 Smoking is not allowed in any of the premises of the hostel.

 is not allowed to enter or drinking alcoholic beverages in all hostel facilities.

 The hostel is open 24 hours a day.

 hours of silence will be at 23.00 to 8.00 h. Please respect the hours of rest.

 The hostel does not accept pets, except guide dogs.

 The breakfast, lunch and dinner are considered collective acts. The timetables for the services are to be respected for the good of the community, the organization and good order on site.

 You can not hang clothes, shoes, or other objects in the windows

 The inputs and outputs are always made through the gates intended for this purpose, it will never be used for windows, balconies or other openings to the outside.

 All users must take care of the hostel social standards of living and personal hygiene as well as wear and fit properly in public areas.



 Check-in will take place from 12.00. If arriving after 21:00 must inform the hostel.

 To check identification or credentials with photo, driving license or passport must be presented. Citizens / as outside EU passport only.

 The total amount of the outstanding payment stay will be charged at the time of check-in.

 If the details provided at the time of booking are not correct it will not be confirmed.


Check out:

 Check out must be done before 12.00 h.

 The outputs made after this time will be penalized with 5 €. Payment of the penalty does not entitle the night. The hostel will charge an extra night without the right to stay for departures made later than 18.00 h.

 If a customer wants to end your stay in advance, you will not be refunded the amount already paid.



 The rooms are for sleeping. Respect the hours of rest and his companions / as room.

 All rooms have individual security lockers. In case of theft the hostel is not responsible.

 The hostel will provide locks under a deposit in case of loss or damage will be retained.

 is not allowed to store or consume food or drink in the rooms.

 The cleaning schedule of the rooms is from 09.00 to 13.00. Please provide the cleaning staff hostel.


 Breakfast is included in the price. The breakfast hours are from 07:00 to 10:00 h.

 The sheets and blankets are included in the price. Theft or deterioration of them will be penalized with 5 €.

 towels can be rented for 2 € / towel.

 The use of computers owned by the facility will be free.

 The hostel has a kitchen for internal use, equipped with hob, microwave, refrigerator and washing area, and open from 08.00 to 22.00 h. The kitchen must be used responsibly. It is the duty of every customer leave clean utensils and office collected after use. Each customer must enter your name food or drink and check-out and remove them from the kitchen before leaving the hostel. Drinks and foods that are not properly marked will be removed by those responsible for the hostel.

 The outdoor terrace schedule will be from 10.00 to 22.00 h, respect for municipal regulations and community residents.

 The hostel is not responsible for damage or theft of drinks and foods that are in that room, as well as any element that is not properly stored in his locker security, while staying at the lodge

 Meals will be held in the dining room or in places designated for that purpose by the hostel management. In the bedrooms it is not allowed to prepare or consume food or drink.

 The hostel has luggage storage.

 The hostel has washer and dryer available to customers.

 The hostel offers leisure rooms with TV, books and board games, Free use for customers.

 You can take outside, furniture, mattresses and other objects of the establishment. Users must respect the order and distribution of furniture both the establishment of the outdoor terrace. Under no circumstances may alter it.

 Likewise any object, container or element taken abroad must be duly collected. The same shall apply to any interior space of the room.


Schedule of services

Article 11

The hostel will have a permanent service 24 hours, either with staff or with substitutes technological means, enabling access 24 hours a day, ensuring care hostel staff from 8.00 to 23,00h. The Hostel have an information board located in a conspicuous place. In it published Directorate general and special provisions to govern the establishment. In particular, the system schedules the operation of services and hostel facilities: rooms, kitchen, breakfast, lunch, dinner, administration, opening and closing of facilities, etc.

The schedule of total silence in the hostel will be 23,00 h. to 8.00 h.

Furniture, Damage and Repair

Article 12.-

Every wearer must be careful with the maintenance of the building, fixtures and furniture, especially your room, bed or bunk bed and locker, not posting posters or other objects that may damage them, walls or doors and windows. Few will be responsible for damages attributable to it, and if necessary, shall report the incidents to the hostel management, both caused damage, as observed.

In any case, who cause damage to the facilities or materials transferred liable for damages caused. Such liability and penalties, if any, may be applicable, shall be required as provided in the Provincial Regulations of Bizkaia.

Article 13.-

For security reasons, it will be completely banned the use of stoves, heaters, batteries, etc. They are exempt from this authorization mobile phone chargers, computers, cameras, tablets ….

Service kitchen, laundry, iron, rooms, bunk beds and bed-linen.

Article 14.-

Individual kitchen service is exclusively for individual hostellers and is included in the hosting service. Utensils, dishes, kitchen appliances and accessories are available. Hostellers must clean utensils, dishes and devices used and leave the premises in good use.

Article 15.-

The use of the laundry, drying and ironing manually for individual hostellers will be available upon request, on payment of the prescribed fee. Machinery and component parts are available. Hostellers must leave the unit in good use.

Article 16.-

Each alberguista will have a place in bed or bunk numbered and corresponding personal safety locker locked.

Each square will include mattress with its cover, sheets, blanket and pillowcase, being user account preparing the bed. At the end of the stay must return any material delivered at its entrance to the establishment.



The hostel has a first aid kit but not health workers who treats or transportation.


Article 17.-

In general, no visits are allowed to hostellers people within the facility, nor will they invite other people eat. Access of people invited to the lodge will express permission of the hostel management and in accordance with the expressed instructions.

Rights and obligations of Alberguistas

Article 18.-

They are rights of any user of the hostel, the following:

  1. a) Use the facilities and services contracted in accordance with these rules and with the internal rules of the hostel. And should not be included in this scheme, it must advance communicate the fact to the address or receipt for the approval of any use on the premises.
  2. b) Receive objective, accurate and complete information on all and each of the conditions of provision of services.
  3. c) Obtain all the documents evidencing the terms of their employment and in any case, corresponding to the same receipts.
  4. d) Make complaints or claims for which have at their disposal the means to do so, the complaint form and the satisfaction questionnaire.
  5. e) Any other rights recognized in the coming applicable legislation.

Article 19.-

They will be obligations of any wearer of the hostel, the following:

  1. a) Comply with the provisions of these regulations the hostel and instructions issued by the hostel management.
  2. b) Make good use of the facilities and their equipment and services.
  3. c) Communicate to staff the facility malfunctions, breakage and inadequate facilities to observe.
  4. d) Respect the rights of others, especially in reserves rooms and common areas previously granted.
  5. e) Behave correctly on the premises at all times to facilitate the work of shelter staff and coexistence with other people using.
  6. f) To pay the public prices that are required for the use of services and facilities and elements of the hostel.
  7. g) To respect the opening and closing of the hostel, following the indications of the template in this regard.
  8. h) Any other obligations arising from the law or these rules.

penalty system

Article 20.-

Failure to comply with the provisions of these Regulations or the instructions in order of application made by the Director, or on behalf of, the head of the hostel at the time, is punishable administrative offense.

In the event of serious breaches of those rules, the users will be evicted from the hostel immediately, subject to the requirement of the responsibilities that would place.

Article 21.-

  1. It may be ejected from the hostel and / or refused entry for a period of between one and five years, depending on the seriousness of the facts, those individuals or groups who violate the provisions of these regulations, the internal regulations of the hostel or instructions in order to dictate the direction application or on its behalf, the person responsible for the center.
  2. Specifically, constitute grounds for expulsion and / or prohibition, among others, the following:
  3. a) The intentional damage or gross negligence in the care and maintenance of facilities or otherwise disposed of materials or rooms and common areas.
  4. b) The repeated disobedience to the instructions of the hostel management.
  5. c) Maintaining a stubbornly contrary to good order services or coexistence with other users of the hostel behavior.
  6. d) Non-payment of public fees payable for the use of services, facilities and other facilities or elements of the hostel.
  7. e) The use of facilities or transferred materials or rooms and other facilities the hostel for purposes other than those constituting the specific object.


Article 22.-

For the purposes of the guarantees of the rights attending hostellers people, there will be available to them a Book Claims.

Any user person, upon display of their identity card, passport or alberguista can use the Complaints stating in it, along with the claim, its identification with name and address. In a timely manner, we will proceed to answer in writing or, if appropriate, in the same place verbally.

final provisions

First.- Any questions that may arise regarding the interpretation of the provisions of this Regulation shall be temporarily resolved by the hostel management, and its executive resolutions immediately.

Second.- is the responsibility of the hostel management approval of instructions and circulars to develop the provisions of these Regulations.

Third.- address or responsible for Housing may amend or vary the terms of service due to any circumstance that indicates, by express or force majeure.


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